How to involve as many people as possible from all backgrounds in heritage.

The Heritage 2020 Framework document outlines the vision and priorities for collaboration for each working group.

  • By 2020 public engagement levels will be significantly higher, especially among currently under-represented groups, as a result of programmes and strategies which promote people’s entitlement to connect with the historic environment.
  • A more diverse range of people will be working or volunteering to care for the historic environment and making a formal commitment through membership of national and local heritage bodies.
  • Communities will be more actively engaged in the planning system as it affects the historic environment. For example through producing local lists, conservation area appraisals and Neighbourhood Forums as well as through commenting on planning proposals.
  • The potential of formal and informal education to increase participation among children and young people will be established to link heritage organisations to local schools.
  • There will be stronger links between the historic environment sector and a wider range of non-heritage organisations sharing similar objectives, with the benefits people experience from engaging with the historic environment understood, resources and delivered in a wider strategic context.