How the historic environment can be conserved and managed in a way that secures its future.

Priorities for collaboration

The key priorities that were identified for collaborative action by the sector are:

  • Ensuring systems of heritage protection that are the best than can be devised with the resources available.
  • Preventing and tackling heritage at risk through expertise and funding.
  • Contributing positively to the growth agenda.
  • Supporting landscape-scale management.
  • Resilience to social and economic forces for change.
  • Climate change resilience and energy efficiency.

The working group has identified the issues associated with these priorities, and has mapped activity in the sector. This has helped it to identify gaps that can be addressed by organisations working together. It has identified two priority areas (based on importance, urgency and achievability) that the group will work to address during 2016-17.

Priorities for 2016-17

1. Address the issue of the transfer and disposal of publicly owned heritage assets by collaborating on a package of guidance and support for local authorities, private developers and community groups.

2. Understand the impact of social and economic forces for change on High Streets and promote a heritage-led response to addressing the changing face of the high street.