How access to skills, knowledge and infrastructure can be ensured, to manage the historic environment.

Over the course of the Heritage 2020 programme the Capacity Building working group focussed on two main strands of activity that help to deliver the vision of the Heritage 2020 Framework.

Sustainable Model for Local Planning Authority Conservation and Archaeology Services

Local authorities provide essential front-line advice services within the planning system. Despite the need for greater capacity for conservation and archaeology services, these services have been in decline since 2006. The Heritage2020 Capacity Building working group has worked with Iceni Projects to review and update a list of statutory duties imposed by Government on Local Authorities in relation to the historic environment. The Heritage and Townscape team at Iceni Projects has led the research, combining their experience of consulting on heritage regeneration and conservation projects with experience of working within local authorities to ensure sustained usage of historic buildings.

This work is available on the Local Planning Authority capacity page.  The intention is that it can now be used to focus the attention of Local Authorities on the duties imposed on them, and the heritage skills and expertise required in their workforce to discharge these duties.

Historic Environment Sector Apprenticeships

A skilled and qualified workforce of craftspeople and heritage professionals is essential to ensure the appropriate conservation, repair and maintenance of heritage assets and to realise the full contribution of heritage to employment and growth.

Organisations in the group have worked together to build the sector’s understanding of Apprenticeship Reform, and to use Apprenticeships as a means of developing the workforce of the future.

See the Apprenticeships page for current work on this theme which includes a kick-off workshop in 2017 to build sector understanding of the Apprenticeship reform changes, use of Heritage Chat discussions to explore skills needs and employer expectations and a summary of progress on developing new Apprenticeship Standards..

The Heritage 2020 Framework document outlines the vision and priorities for collaboration for each working group.