The Heritage 2020 framework sets out strategic priorities for collaborative working by the historic environment sector across England. Achieving the ambitions of the framework requires action by individuals and organisations, often working together to add value to individual efforts.

A key value of the framework is that it shows where the sector can work together to shared aims. We want to show how individual organisations are contributing to this collective effort.

Contributing to Heritage 2020

Heritage 2020 provides a Framework for where collaborative working by the historic environment sector can address issues that have been identified as common priorities. Any organisation can produce a statement, either as a standalone document or integrated with existing organisational mission statements or strategic objectives, which articulates how they link with the priorities of the Heritage 2020 Framework.

The five Heritage 2020 working groups have identified priority areas for action and are leading a range of associated activities. These are summarised in the working groups’ action plans. We are keen to hear of work from across the sector that relates to these priorities. Please share your work with us so that we can record the contributions in the annual report of progress by the sector which is published as part of Heritage Counts.