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#HeritageChat: Heritage and Evaluation

The first #HeritageChat of the new year was held on the 18 January, on the theme of evaluation. It explored heritage sector uses of existing evaluation data, shared guidance, resources and ideas for greater buy-in, and asked whether there is scope for a shared evidence base. The topic of evaluation is a common thread in all of Heritage 2020’s work, but is especially relevant to the activities of the ‘Public Engagement‘ and the the ‘Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management‘ working groups. The session was run jointly by @HeritageChat and by ERS Research & Consultancy @ERS_Limited.

Read the Storify summary here.

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#Heritage Chat – Heritage & High Streets

Image of Odiham High Street By Andrew Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13647372

December’s #HeritageChat was held on the ‘Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management‘ group’s priority topic of High Streets. It explored the issues affecting historic high streets and town centres, shared examples of where heritage contributes to economic health, discussed how heritage can be used inclusively in towns with diverse populations and questioned how the heritage sector can create synergies with the Green Infrastructure agenda and contribute to urban ‘place-making’. Read the Storify summary here.…

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