How the historic environment can be conserved and managed in a way that secures its future.


The Heritage 2020 Framework document outlines the vision and priorities for collaboration for each working group.

  • By 2020 there will be ever more effective management of the historic environment through the planning system.
  • The historic environment sector will continue to demonstrate its role in promoting economic growth and be increasingly recognised as a positive contributor.
  • We will have improved the resilience of historic assets to the impacts of climate change and social and economic forces for change.
  • Heritage’s owners and government will jointly recognise the need to fund maintenance adequately.
  • There will be a shared understanding of how best to adapt the built environment sympathetically, to secure its future and conserve its historic significance through new use.
  • The overall condition of the historic environment will be better than it is now and cherished assets will be in beneficial use. Heritage at Risk registers will help monitor progress.