#HeritageChat is a monthly, one-hour Twitter chat for the historic environment sector. It is run on the third Thursday of the month, 13.00-14.00, from the handle @HeritageChat and uses the tag #HeritageChat so that participants can keep track of the conversation.

Taking part in #HeritageChat

To take part in #HeritageChat you’ll need a Twitter account (find out how to sign up here).

The next session will be held on Thursday 18th January 2018, 13.00-14.00 (UK time).  

Topic: How can the heritage sector better share evaluation data and create a shared evidence base?

This #HeritageChat explores the theme of evaluation and, in particular, asks whether the sector can make better use of the evaluation data that exists and whether there is scope for a shared evidence base.  

Here are the six questions we’ll be asking during the session. Please think about whether you have examples and experience that you can share, and join us on the 18th January. This session is being led by Heritage 2020 tweeting as (@HeritageChat) and ERS research and consultancy (@ERS_Limited).

  1. What type of evaluation data do you collect for your heritage projects?
  2. What resources, guidance or principles do you draw on to inform your evaluation?
  3. How can your evaluation create added value (e.g. through involving young people or integrating capacity building)
  4. How can heritage professionals and stakeholders embed a culture and practice of evaluation in a) their organisation b) the sector?
  5. What do you see as the benefits of sharing evaluation data and do you have any examples of evaluation frameworks that can be shared?
  6. Are there any models of how other sectors share evidence and evaluation data that the heritage sector could adapt?

During the chat both questions and answers are tagged using #HeritageChat so that everyone can follow the contributions. The first question uses Q1 as part of the tweet, and people responding to that question use A1 as part of their reply so that they link up.

Follow @HeritageChat and use #HeritageChat in your tweets to take part!

If you can’t join the #HeritageChat live, we’ll also produce a Storify summary so that you can catch up later.

If you missed December’s #HeritageChat on the topic ‘Heritage and high streets – which way next?’, you can catch up by viewing our summary on Storify. The chat was led by Heritage 2020 and tied into the Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management group‘s work on high streets and recent workshop held on the 6 December 2017.

The first session was held on 16 November 2017 on the topic of ‘Innovation and entrepreneurship in the heritage sector – are we doing enough?’ and was led by the Historic Houses Association. It is archived on Storify

Why #HeritageChat?

#HeritageChat came about as a means of widening Heritage2020’s consultation process. The original vision for taking forward Heritage2020 included an annual consultation on the Heritage2020 Framework and the evolving strategic priorities, to take place in the autumn of each year, and to link to the annual progress report. The HEF subcommittee wished to increase the opportunities for the historic environment sector to contribute directly to the Heritage2020 action areas. Thus, #HeritageChat was born.

How does it work?

#HeritageChat is run by different people and organisations from the heritage sector, on a rolling monthly basis. One in four are run by Heritage2020; the rest are hosted by other areas of the sector.

The theme is selected by that month’s host. These ideally relate to one of the Heritage2020 priority areas:

  • Capacity Building
  • Constructive Conservation and Sustainable Management
  • Discovery, Identification and Understanding
  • Helping Things to Happen
  • Public Engagement

All topics should seek to strengthen partnerships and collaborative working in the historic environment sector. 

The host puts out an open call for questions a couple of weeks in advance of the scheduled #HeritageChat, and selects around six questions for use in the session. The questions are published as the programme for the chat session a few days before the chat itself.

During the chat, the organiser tweets the questions from @HeritageChat using a format that allows participants to respond to each question. Questions, answers and discussion are all tagged #HeritageChat during the conversation so everyone can follow the thread. The chat is recorded via Storify, linked through the #HeritageChat – Archive page.

What will a #HeritageChat will achieve?
  • We want to connect Heritage2020 with historic environment sector organisations more widely than through the current working groups, HEF and news outputs.
  • We want to provide specific opportunities for the sector to contribute to Heritage 2020 action areas.
  • We want to strengthen Heritage 2020 working by benefitting from the wider sector’s ideas and enthusiasm.
  • We want to start to develop a Heritage 2020 network through which the sector can build and share the benefits of collaborative working.

You can see how other Twitter chats run at #uklibchat, #museumhour, or how a session can be used to bring together contributions on a theme #wildflowerhour.

Get Involved

Please email us at heritage2020@theheritagealliance.org.uk if you would be interested in helping to run a #HeritageChat.

Storify Archives
Each month #HeritageChat will be archived using Storify and linked to the Heritage2020 website from here.

To view #HeritageChat on Storify, click here.