The Heritage 2020 Framework sets out how heritage organisations across England can work together in the coming years to add value to the work of individual bodies. It has been put together after extensive consultation and debate, and builds on the successes of the National Heritage Protection Plan 2011-2015, published by English Heritage in 2010.

This new Framework defines five themes through which collaborative action can bring the fullest range of resources to bear on the tasks that have been identified as of greatest urgency to sustain and promote the historic environment of England, encourage access and broaden knowledge for a variety of audiences.

The framework does not aim to be comprehensive in describing all the activities of the heritage sector, but focuses on the areas where collaboration is necessary to deliver public benefits.

The five themes are:
. Discovery, identification & understanding
. Constructive conservation and sustainable management
. Public engagement
. Capacity building
. Helping things to happen

Read the Heritage 2020 Framework foundation document (pdf)