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Heritage 2020 is a major new initiative to strengthen partnerships and collaborative working across the historic environment sector in order to sustain and promote the historic environment of England, encourage access and broaden knowledge for a variety of audiences.

Organisations from across the historic environment sector are working together to address priorities for collaborative working which are set out in the Heritage 2020 Framework under five strategic themes: Capacity building, Constructive Conservation & Sustainable Management, Discovery Identification & Understanding, Helping Things to Happen, and Public Engagement.

Responses to the Heritage 2020 Consultation of 2016

The 2016 consultation sought input to the initial priorities identified for collaboration including: research needs, diversity in public engagement, the new Apprenticeship scheme, support for the transfer of publicly owned heritage assets and how Heritage 2020 can support the sector in making the case for the value of heritage. The summary of the responses, including how the Heritage 2020 working groups are taking forward the suggestions made is available here. .

Apprenticeship Reform Workshop

On 15th March 2017, the Capacity Building group hosted an Apprenticeship Reform Workshop, as part of its work to help address barriers to skills development. Participants were updated on the Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeship Reform in England, including the Trailblazer process; shared experience and practice in developing new apprenticeship standards; and established next steps and priorities going forward. These outcomes afford a shared level of knowledge and understanding, reflecting Heritage 2020’s mission to strengthen partnerships and collaboration across the historic environment sector.

Heritage 2020 foresight day
Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking

On 8th February members of the Heritage 2020 working groups and the Historic Environment Forum came together to discuss diversity in the historic environment sector and how priorities could be addressed through collaborative working. Notes from the day are now available. The challenges, priority actions and suggestions for collaboration could be grouped under three main headings of data, process and perception.

Heritage 2020 Framework

The foundation Heritage 2020 Framework document is now available. The Framework was created as a result of collaboration during 2014. It does not aim to be comprehensive in describing all the activities of the heritage sector, but focuses on the areas where collaboration is necessary to deliver public benefits.

H2020 working groups

Each of the Heritage 2020 working groups is responsible for identifying key issues within its strategic theme, agreeing priorities for collaborative action and developing action plans that will deliver against the priorities. The action plans will be reviewed each year.

Who’s who in Heritage 2020

Heritage 2020 is delivered under the auspices of the Historic Environment Forum with work taking place through five working groups. A three year project is managed by The Heritage Alliance and supported by Historic England. Find out more about who is involved.